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A Home in Paradise Cradled in Warm ‘Aruga’

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One never truly gets enough of travel.  The moment an out-of-town vacation ends, one “heads back to reality” looking for the next destination to conquer.

Travel enables people to debrief for a short while and revel in beyond ordinary experiences. This is the reason why many Filipinos fall head over heels for Cebu as it boasts of breathtaking natural wonders, rich, spectacular history and the hospitality of its people.

Exactly that experience is what upscale developer Rockwell Land Corp. wants dwellers to experience in the 4.7-hectare Aruga Resort and Residences in Mactan, Cebu.

The posh enterprise in this Visayan tourist hotspot gets its power from the picturesque tropical view and premium amenities, enabling those who decide to acquire a unit here to never “check out” from this piece of paradise.

The beachfront complex, simply put, is the high life epitomized. The property has an elegant architecture highlighting the expansive vistas and the relaxing breeze. In Aruga Resort and Residences Mactan, people can enjoy the offerings of a resort facility and, at the same time, experience the magnetic joy of community living, a trademark feature of existing developments by Rockwell Land.

A Home in Paradise Cradled in Warm ‘Aruga’ 1

You can soak in the million-dollar feel, take a dip in the pool, or head over to the floating dining hall for a taste of Cebu’s gastronomic delicacies. For socializing, the property will have a multi-purpose pavilion and a bar. The beachfront area, once completed, will be one of the longest along this premium strip in Punta Engaño

Given Aruga Resorts and Residences’ unique value proposition, layout and design, it will definitely redefine and elevate Mactan’s leisure and lifestyle experience.

The residential component offers 276 units, while the hotel and resort will have 303 rooms. The residences will have their own pool and other amenities distinct from the hotel.

Aruga Resort and Residences is Rockwell Land’s second development in Cebu. It launched in August 2018, four years after 32 Sanson inaugurated its first two towers, Gmelina and Raffia. Following the two was Buri, whose units will be turned over this year. The fourth tower, Solihiya, was launched in 2017.

Enjoying positive reception—and brisk sales—for its undertakings since diversifying from Metro Manila, the upscale developer began its Mactan property.

A Home in Paradise Cradled in Warm ‘Aruga’ 3

Rockwell’s move to Mactan will undisputedly change the landscape of the shores for the better, as it brings with it its expertise in comfort and leisure to provide a luxurious lifestyle. Upon completion, residents and hotel guests will feel as if they have the beach all to themselves, while they revel in the breathtaking, panoramic views of Cebu that no one has ever seen before.

Adding to its value is the project’s location. It is within the zone enjoying spillover development from the Queen City of the South. It is also not far from Metro Cebu, so people can visit the urban center, travel to the other parts of the island province, and even fly to other destinations.

Some Manileños have already snagged up units here, set to turn their premium catch into secondary addresses and vacation homes. The development is also seen as a viable acquisition for expats, retirees and even well-earning Filipinos who plan to invest their savings on a wise investment. Cebuanos, too, joined the fray of buyers, only proving their inclination for the finer things in life. Aruga Resort and Residences is now a coveted address for the well-heeled market of Cebu, a deserved respite from their busy lives.

Why shouldn’t it sell? It is a destination and home rolled into one.

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